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• Gold Filled 14K 575/1000 Gold Beads and Gold Filled Primer
The Gold Filled technique comes from the United States. It consists in applying a thick layer of 14ct gold 575/1000 on a brass base. The weight of gold is 1/20 of the total weight of the product is about 50 to 100 times more than in a gold-plated product. Gold filled products have the appearance of gold products at a much lower cost. Much more resistant than a classic gold plated, Gold filled products give the jewels the noble appearance and the aesthetic and hypoallergenic characteristics of gold, ensuring an unlimited duration in time under normal conditions of use.

14-carat gold contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of one or more other metals, which makes 58.3% pure gold
• Silver 925 beads and 925 silver finishes
In the context of sustainable development, the manufacturer uses only "green silver" from recycled products and not the mining industry in its production process.

Pearls and finishes sold with the name Silver 925 contain at least 925 for 1000 sterling silver.
The invoice of your order serves as a certificate, as well as the stamp on the product.
However, we remind you that "are exempt from punching by article 524 bis and article 186 ter
(Ordinance No. 2001-766 of August 29, 2001) of the General Tax Code:
- Silver articles of less than 30 grams.
- Works that can not bear the imprint of punches without deterioration, such as pearls "
• Metal beads or charms
They are available in four colors: silver, gold, copper and bronze. These pearls are made in France or in Europe.
Made of tin metal, guaranteed nickel free, and mostly cadmium and lead free.